THEE skulls and other bones were dug up during building works at a local church, before being ceremoniously reburied.

Parts of Dormington's churchyard had been dug up for a new water supply and drainage system for the building, but three skulls and part of a disarticulated skeleton were found.

After consultation with the archaeologist, the bones were ceremoniously reburied in a small stone box in the trench. Reverend Hartland took inspiration from some of the prayers used when Richard III was re-interred in Leicester, a moving little service was held and photos and a note are held in the church records.

Further problems arose as a swarm of bees tried, noisily, to move house just before a funeral service and local bee keepers had already accepted new swarms and couldn't take more. A new home was found in the nick of time, but the PCC were pleased that bee colonies seem to be thriving and multiplying.