COUNTY residents fear the local council could be wasting thousands of pounds on repairing roads that are ‘perfectly fine’.

Herefordshire Council has been working with its highways contractor Balfour Beatty Living Places to surface dress a total of 64 miles of roads across the county between May and early July 2019.

The surface dressing process consists of a coating of bitumen and stone that seals the road surface, improves its texture and extends its life.

The council says it’s a three-step process that is quicker than other road maintenance techniques and is less of a disruption for residents and road users.

However, several residents in rural parts of the county feel some of the road works are unnecessary and other roads which are littered with potholes are being ignored.

Villager Roger Thompson said Yatton Common Lane had recently been treated.

“It was perfectly fine,” he said.

“They did a good job, but I just think it is unnecessary.

“Yet, the small lane near me is full of potholes.”

Likewise, Les Wiliknson was astonished a half-a-mile lane in Sutton St Nicholas which was in good condition was resurfaced recently.

A freedom of information request revealed the half-day job cost more than £7,000.

“I cannot believe the costs stated as correct,” he said.

“However, if all the work around the county is added up for roads that need not be resurfaced, the costs are considerable.

“We are not happy in Sutton, especially when an adjacent road, Church Way may have benefitted from such works.”

A council spokesperson said they have completed surface dressing work across 103 sites in the county, with some sweeping and white lining work being finished over the next few days.

“Surface dressing is a preventative treatment that prolongs the life of roads and restores surface texture.”