THE Falcon Hotel Ballroom, in Bromyard was the venue for the July 12 sell-out concert by the Bromyard Symphonic Wind Band.

As a tribute to Sylvia Silver, a great sponsor of the band, who passed away at Christmas, all the music played was from musicals, many of which had associations with Sylvia, including two of her recent productions at the Conquest Theatre - My Fair Lady and The Pirates of Penzance, as well as favourites such as Chicago, Phantom of the Opera and Mamma Mia.

The audience even had song sheets to enable them to join in with some of the pieces.

Short verbal tributes were given by various players in the band, and also their conductor, David Thomas.

The band's euphonium player, Lloyd Clarke, had written an "ode", which he performed.

The Mistress of the House (borrowed from the song Master of the House in Les Misérables), was both serious and funny, and was very well received, especially by John, Sylvia's husband.

It is not surprising that the ballroom could have been filled to at least double its capacity, with tickets for the event selling out well in advance of the performance, and there being a very long waiting list for any spare tickets. What a great tribute to Sylvia's memory.

David summed up the evening with his own tribute, the last part being reproduced here:

"We miss her presence, her involvement, her constant lively enthusiasm.

"Yes she could be impulsive and try one's patience to the limit. She suffered fools lightly, and was never afraid to speak her mind. Diplomacy was usually forgotten - but we loved her to bits.

Thank you Sylvia for simply being you. God bless you Sylvia. May you rest in eternal peace."