AT their latest meeting, members of Ross Vaga Probus Club were treated to a meaningful presentation by Cyril Twist, a member of the West Dean Probus Club based in Sling, in the Forest of Dean.

At a time when the production of packaging materials dominates news headlines for the wrong reasons, Cyril, an octogenarian, shared memories of his 51 years old career which generated an estimated million tons of packages in providing vital needs for all the right reasons.

His career began associated with maintaining freshness in the food industry involving waxed paper for crisp packets, for sliced bread and for breakfast cereals.

To facilitate demand there was a subsequent switch from paper to polythene bags and such was his innovative influence within the Kelloggs and Nestlé empires that he became known as 'Cereal' Twist.

He outlined how he was closely involved with the transition to plastic film packaging to benefit the medical world's need to improve sterilization processes. This led to both packaging and its contents, like low cost syringes, needles, swabs, and catheters, having to be developed as disposable throw away items.

Cyril covered the fascinating world of the extensive use of plastic film for food packaging to retain the freshness of a host of fruit and vegetables and its role in keeping wastage to a minimum.

Cyril's influence became world-wide when his employers, through his reputation, stepped in at short notice to produce plastic film for Chicago based suppliers of Meals Ready to Eat pouches for the USA Military needing to feed the 95,000 soldiers in Saudi Arabia while they prepared for what became the Operation Desert Storm, 43 day war in 1991.

Vaga Probus is a men only group that meets twice monthly in Ross. Visitors are very welcome, please contact the secretary on 01989 218295 for details.