FAST food chain McDonald’s say they are still committed to opening a restaurant in Leominster.

The American company hopes to bring a two storey drive-thru restaurant on land off Baron’s Cross Road near the Morrisons petrol station.

The plans have sparked a huge reaction from the community with residents submitting more than 500 comments so far.

But Herefordshire Council has yet decide the proposals despite receiving the scheme in April last year.

Those objecting to the plans say its location will worsen traffic problems in the area, increase pollution and pose a road safety risk for pedestrians crossing to the restaurant.

Objector Gary Monk said: “Leominster does not need another food outlet of any kind, never mind a drive through on an already over congested road that cannot cope with any more traffic.”

He said no matter how the plans were changed it would not reduce traffic and pollution and could potentially lead to antisocial behaviour.

However, supporter Michael Symonds says the new restaurant would be a boost for the town’s economy.

“Its location will add to the value of the town, attract further big name stores to the area, support the community and they have high economic and environmental values.

“It will add trade to the much needed depreciated town revenues, increasing footfall, and the A44 is already a route for holiday makers who would stop and use the facilities also.

The new McDonald’s is expected to employ more than 65 jobs and the company says almost all of these will be recruited locally.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We continue to work closely with the council on this proposal and hope to progress with it over the coming months.”

A Herefordshire Council spokesperson said the plans are still being considered.