LITTERING around the new shelter on Ledbury Recreation ground has upset some of the youngest members of the community.

In fact, the under fives at the Busy Bees Breakfast Club were so shocked at the littering last week, they offered to tidy it up themselves.

Busy Bees manager, Emma Davis said: “The children at Breakfast Club were horrified by the state of the park as we walked to school.

“There was litter strewn everywhere! But what was lovely was how the children knew it was wrong and offered to help tidy it up.”

Mrs Davis added: “As we were on our way to school, there wasn’t time but it was lovely that they were concerned by the amount of litter, particularly around the shelter.”

But the litter wasn’t left lying about.

Busy Bees staff from The Hive, off Bye Street, decided to do the clean up at once.