A YOUNG shepherdess scared off two would-be thieves after confronting them in a field in the middle of the night.

Vika Engel, 21, was returning to her home in the Golden Valley when she spotted two bright lights in a neighbour’s field containing lambs.

On entering the field near Bacton on Saturday night she saw a Green Subaru Forester with covered number plates – before “two large figures came out of the gloom”.

“I couldn’t make them out a lot except that they were both white, heavy-set men wearing overalls and wellies,” added Vika.

“When they spoke they must have been in their 30s. I promptly asked them what the hell they where doing in the field but to no answer. I then told them to leave the property and go away.

“I was feeling very threatened and vulnerable as these guys were clearly very powerful.”

As the men drove away from the field, Vika noticed tools in their vehicle which she believes were to be used to kill the lambs.

“These guys were about to head down to the field and butcher the ewe lambs in my opinion,” she claimed.

“Why else would they be in overalls and wellies with a dog?”

She labelled the intruders “field butchers” and issued a warning to all her fellow Herefordshire farmers.

“Please lock your gates that have stock in them, keep your windows open for sounds of distressed sheep, check your far fields regularly and keep an eye out for two large men in their 30s driving a green Subaru Forester,” she added.

“I was lucky as I believe I saved the ewe lambs' lives and saved us and the local farmers some heart break.

“But they are nearby. Please keep your eyes open and if you see anything suspicious then you need to act.”