ROSS-ON-WYE councillors have agreed to cap council tax rises in the town.

The town council agreed on Monday (July 8) to limit its budget by setting a precept that would not exceed the rate of inflation or keep it in line with Herefordshire Council’s budget increase.

This increase would either not exceed the Retail Price Index or the county council’s increase.

The county’s tax increase was 2.9% this year, excluding adult and social care, while Ross town council’s increase was almost 12%.

Back in February, when the town council set its budget for 2019/20, several councillors had argued in favour of a motion by councillor Julian Utting to cap the increase in line with Herefordshire Council’s proposals.

He suggested the council could avoid paying some £35,000 by postponing projects such as Homs Road car park development and refraining from spending on the amenities budget. But his motion was defeated with six votes for it and eight against.

This time around, the recommendation was voted through unanimously.