A CHILDHOOD cancer charity is crossing county borders to offer financial support grants to the families of children diagnosed with cancer.

Dedicated to helping families in need, the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust has been operating within Worcestershire for the last nine months, providing vital funding to help with the costs associated with childhood cancer.

Following nine months of success in Worcestershire, they are now extending their support to Herefordshire for families affected by childhood cancer.

The fund was set up in memory of Grace Kelly, charity founder and director Jen Kelly’s daughter.

Grace passed away in 2014 at just four years old after being diagnosed with a renal malignant rhabdoid tumour.

“As a GP by trade, Grace's diagnosis led me to realise just how little support there was available for families locally,” Mrs Kelly said.

“As a charity, we are working to help provide this support whilst also funding research, raising awareness and producing information booklets for parents and children."

Much of the money that goes to support families is generated by fundraisers, but the trust is also a finalist in the Tesco Bags of Help Centenary Grant.

The Tesco grant allows people to vote for the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust to receive donations between £10,000 and £25,000.

Mrs Kelly said: “The project is to bring AV1 robots to children with cancer when they are isolated during treatment.

“It was us who provided the one for Oscar Saxelby Lee in Worcestershire.

“Should we receive full funding from the competition, the plan is for this support to be available to families in Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire too.

AV1 robots allow the user to interact with other people via a tablet meaning that young children undergoing treatment can keep in touch with friends, teachers and family whilst remaining safe.

To vote for the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust, keep an eye out in your local Tesco store between July and August and again in November and December.