ETHICALLY produced wine is in the running for a Hereford Times Food and Drink Award.

For the Black Mountain Vineyard and winery, creating high quality products using ethical, traditional, low intervention methods is the aim.

A truly local product, all the grapes for their natural and sparkling wines are grown at their Turnastone vineyard.

"The vineyard was planted by hand in 2009, and we built the winery a few years later," Laura Doughty-Smith said.

"We are unique in Herefordshire as we are converting to organic, and making natural, low intervention wines on site.

"We use very little machinery, add minimal chemicals, and use as little plastic as possible to allow our wines to be ethical, sustainable and delicious!

"We use very traditional methods in making our wine, and we spray only natural or organic materials in the vineyard and do all vine management by hand.

"In the winery we gently press the grapes with a hydropress and ferment them in stainless steel tanks. We riddle the wines on traditional riddling boards and disgorge the wine by hand. We also bottle and cork the wines by hand."

The vineyard is in the running for an award in the Best Drinks Product category in this year's competition.

How to enter:

WITH these awards we are asking each producer/business to nominate themselves.

Don’t be shy - we want to celebrate everything the county has to offer.

To nominate yourself, you need to go to the dedicated section of our website:

There you will find a form for each category.

You need to answer all of the questions with as much detail as you can and please remember to include your contact details.

We will be focusing on different entries over the next few weeks.

The deadline for entries is September 11.

An awards ceremony will take place in November.