Nescio Ensemble have left behind the concert halls of Amsterdam and are currently touring less well-known venues in rural Wales and Herefordshire. So it’ s Garway’s new Community Hall, not their native city’s Concertgebouw that will play host to this exciting 13-piece string collective on Saturday.

A young, vibrant set of musicians who have studied in conservatoires all over Europe, they came together to present classical music in their own unique and passionate way. Their repertoire includes music from Purcell to Bartok and Britten.

Being non-profit making, they are self-funded and are offering free admission to all their concerts, asking only for donations after the audience has appreciated how well they play. It’s a new unstuffy, all-inclusive approach to classical music and the friendships they have with one another and their shared passion means they have thrilled audiences wherever they have travelled.

Nescio Ensemble are at Garway Community Hall on Saturday, June 29 at 8pm. For further information email or visit