Herefordshire County Council has made preservation orders on the corridor of trees that flank Kings Acre road in Hereford.

This development could further hinder any future attempts for a bypass to cut across the western entrance to the city.

Breinton Parish Council formally proposed the tree preservation orders on the avenue of lime trees in 2016.

Breinton’s tree warden Dr Nichola Geeson said: “We are pleased that this order has at last been ‘served’ and a six-week public consultation is finally under way.

“Many of the trees would be felled, and the whole character of the avenue destroyed, if plans for a western bypass and Three Elms housing were to progress.

“Giving protection to these 63 splendid trees is vital to the character, amenity and attractiveness of the area.

“They were planted in the 1930s and form an important unbroken avenue that is the finest gateway to the city.

Parish council chairman Anthony Powers said: “Once the current public consultation is over we trust Herefordshire Council will move quickly to confirm preservation orders on the entire avenue”,

The tree preservation orders prohibit anyone from cutting down, topping or lopping any of the trees included in the order along both sides of the road.

“The trees within the order have significant landscape, heritage, biodiversity and public amenity value,” the council notice reads.

“The trees are under potential threat from development and to add weight to their material consideration within the planning system the council considers expedient to serve a tree preservation order.”

A spokesperson for action group Here For Hereford also said it was great news.

“It has taken a long time, and a lot of prodding, to get to this point.

“These trees will now have greater weight in any forthcoming planning application decisions that may affect them.”

Residents affected by the order can make any objections or other representations to the council before July 26.

These representations can be made by emailing or by post to Built & Natural Environment Service, Planning Services, Herefordshire Council, Plough Lane, Hereford, HR4 0LE.