ONE of England's top primary schools has become the first in the UK to be a 'kindness school'.

Ewyas Harold Primary School was ranked in the top one per cent in England after publishing their results in December and say they are now leading they way in student wellbeing.

After a collaboration with Herefordshire MIND, the school has recently joined the Kindness Movement, which focusses on the mental health and wellbeing of its students and the wider community.

A programme has been created and will be rolled out to every year group and child within the school.

Laura Wallace, Head of School, said: "Wellbeing is part of this academic year's school development plan and has become a whole school focus, due to the great importance of children having a healthy mind.

"Developing personal confidence and the willingness to take on new experiences and challenges are among the core aims of our school. Exceptionally high standards and expectations of both education and behaviour ensure that every one of our pupils achieve.

"We advocate an ethos of mutual respect and tolerance. We also believe that teaching a sense of kindness, appreciation, respect and compassion is a vital part of childhood education."

There are currently 12 countries around the world involved in the scheme which promotes the values of kindness, respect, integration and empathy.