TWO of the train stations in Herefordshire have been spruced up as part of a £194 million investment.

The stations at Hereford and Leominster are managed by Transport for Wales who are working to improve visitors' first impressions to the area.

Both stations have seen footbridge steps repaired, signs and furniture repainted to fit the company's colour-scheme.

Colin Lea, Director of Customer Experience for Transport for Wales Rail Services said: "We're delighted to have completed these projects in Hereford and Leominster as part of our £194 million station investment plan.

"Making stations welcoming, bright and safe places is incredibly important to our customers and communities.

"We know our stations are often the gateway to those communities and the first impressions visitors get of a place so we want to make a real effort to get them looking their best."

Transport for Wales manages 247 stations across Wales and England and the investment will be spread across them all over the next five years.