CAR parking charges will be introduced at Ledbury train station in July.

West Midlands Railway who operate the station say the standard daily rate £3 will mean they're able to upgrade the facilities in the car park, including CCTV, new lighting and surface work.

But there are fears that the charges will push people into parking in nearby residential streets such as Masefield Avenue, The Langland and Newbury Park.

The charges will come into force from Monday, July 1, with more information on the charging structure released when the main signage goes up in the car park.

West Midlands Railway said they are also undertaking work to look at how people travel to and from their local station and what they can do to make this part of their journey easier, greener and more affordable.

The introduction of charges is also designed to reduce 'rail heading', where motorists drive extra miles to avoid paying car park charges. This can lead to residents being unable to park at their local station.

Andy Camp, Commercial director for West Midlands Railway said "We want to make all our stations easier and safer to use.

"Our £60 million station investment programme looks beyond the station boundary.

"Car park improvements are important but we are also investing in 2,760 more cycle spaces and each station will undergo a sustainable transport review as we continue to make our stations more welcoming."

The company say there will be discounts for off-peak use and annual car park season ticket holders can save up to 60 per cent on the daily rate. Weekly, monthly and quarterly seasons will also be available. Payment will be made easier by the introduction of an app as well as machines at each car park.