CONSERVATIVES have lost a council seat to the Liberal Democrats in a

Ross-on-Wye poll postponed from the local elections in May.

The defeat for the Tories came by more than 400 votes in a contest in

the Ross North ward of Herefordshire Council.

The election had been postponed from May 2 following the death of a Ukip candidate.

Voting was: LD 547, C 136, Lab 45. The turnout was 26 per cent.

Liberal Democrat Chris Bartrum said he would fight for a fairer level of council tax and better local roads.

The town councillor said he had a track record of working for residents in Ross.

He had pledged to be visible around the town and ready to listen to local concerns.

He would demand a fairer level of council tax, better roads maintenance and the retention of all services at Ross Community Hospital, he had pledged.

Tory Nigel Gibbs's four top priorities had been promoting the town as a destination for tourism, building the local economy and improving education.

But the former Ross town councillor said he had encountered a lot of voter fatigue during the run up to May 2.

“Many people told me they would never be voting again,” he said.