FIVE plucky Kington pensioners are bristling with satisfaction having grabbed their brooms to give the town centre a thoroughly clean sweep.

The famous five – praise has been coming from all quarters in Kington – took it upon themselves to spruce up the town two years ago. Thanks to their continuing efforts the streets have just received another makeover.

“We started sweeping in the spring of 2017 off our own bat,” explains Janet Pennell. “We met one day over a cup of coffee and thought we must do something about the state of the High Street so we got out our brooms!”

Their gesture has been warmly acknowledged in the community, while the women themselves are pleased to be giving the town some TLC.

The clean-up ladies grew up and went to school in Kington, two of them running family businesses in the town. Three of them moved away but have returned to their native town after more than 50 years.

“The shopfronts are very traditional and were in the past swept every morning,” says Janet.

Their efforts have been widely appreciated in the town.

Said Kington town councillor Woody Johnson: “I would like to say a great big thank you to the ladies of the older generation who take pride in their town and make such a difference to the High Street! Great job!”