MEMBERS of Vaga Probus Club were treated to an overview of what counselling is by Jane Pendlebury at their meeting on May 14.

It was a timely subject in what was UK Mental Health Awareness Week.

Jane explained how events in her own life had caused her to seek a change of career path.

She had realised that people treated her as a good listener and this led her on the path of attaining qualifications to become a highly qualified Ross Counsellor during a career that spanned 20 years before her retirement.

The differences between the two main counselling principles: cognitive behavioural counselling - where a client's short term life's problems are established and the client is given suggestions on steps they may consider to enable them to return to school or to work for example, and psychotherapy where deeper long term problems are worked on once a trusting relationship has been established.

It was Jane's intention that she did not want to just deliver a talk on the subject.

Members responded by asking many questions which took the presentation down different avenues with Jane answering all of these clearly and in depth.

Vaga Probus is a men-only group that meets twice a month in Ross.

Visitors are very welcome, please contact the secretary on 01989 218295 for details.