Up, up and away went this meteorological balloon - for what is thought to be the first time in the county's history.

So far up it reached the very edge of the planet's atmosphere before it expanded to the size of a house and then exploded.

But not before capturing some amazing photographs for the band of excited amateur scientists who had launched it from the farm of George Davies at Stoke Lacy.

The launch from Little Farm had involved having to inform the Civil Aviation Authority, who issued a Notice To Airmen.

Attached to the helium-filled balloon was a camera, a tracker, and 8 handwarmers for the battery to keep it functioning as temperatures fell to as low as -50°C.

A tracker failure meant the launch party had to wait days before someone near Swindon found the payload box with its reward offer and return address.

Once returned, the spectacular pictures were revealed.

The balloon reached the stratosphere which is above 99% of the atmosphere’s molecules - therefore appearing to be in space due to the blackening sky at noon.

The launch party consisted of the Warhurst family: Jacob, 14, and sister Imogen, 11, dad Chris and mum Rachel Davies; Rachel's mother, Diana Davies, and brother Lindsey Davies; and George Davies, a local farmer and family friend.

Chris, Rachel, Jacob, and Imogen.

Also present at the launch site were: George, Lindsey, and Diana Davies.

George Davies kindly allowed his farm in Stoke Lacy to be used for the launch.