AN EXPECTANT mother couldn’t quite make it to hospital for the birth of her second son, so took DIY delivery to the next level.

Becky Frankland was on her way to Hereford County Hospital after feeling uncomfortable throughout the day, but baby Brody didn’t want to wait that long.

And so Brody was born in the car park at B&Q on Hereford’s Holmer Road – in what’s thought to be a first for the store.

Last week Miss Frankland was back at the scene of the birth with her partner Harry Newman, and Mr Newman’s mother, Stephanie, who helped deliver the baby.

She said: “We were all sat around having Sunday dinner, I’d been absolutely fine all morning.

“Then I got a little bit uncomfortable so went for a walk around but didn’t think much of it really.

“Then I went for a lie down and thought this isn’t going away.

“I just didn’t think much of it because it was completely different to my first, but within 55 minutes we were here.

“We got to the (Starting Gate) roundabout and I said it’s coming.

“It was a good thing we were able to stop because Steph said she opened the door and saw a pair of feet.”

The delighted staff at B&Q staff presented the couple, who live near Symonds Yat, with a store gift card for Brody’s nursery.

And for baby Brody, who is now six weeks old, his unique place of birth saw him given a custom made, personalised baby grow.

Brody was delivered breach by Harry’s mother, Stephanie Newman, who was travelling with them.

This was Stephanie’s first experience of delivering a baby, however she was able to get some tips having watched Call The Midwife the night before.

She said: “It was completely surreal, nothing ever prepares you for that I don’t think.

“It was exciting and I was thrilled I was there to help him in. Not many mothers-in-law are invited to the birth of their grandchildren.

“It was very exciting, a bit shocking, but very proud to have been part of it, very blessed.”

The store’s unit manager, Shane Williams, offered the family a behind-the-scenes tour when Brody was old enough to understand what happened and wished the family well.

Mr Williams said: “We are all about encouraging people to ‘do it yourself’, and this impromptu DIY delivery takes it to the next level!

“We wish Stephanie, Harry and baby Brody all the best and any time they want to use our car park again, they’re more than welcome.”