CITY of Hereford Rotary Club are hoping for another bumper fundraising day when they hold their annual duck race on Sunday, May 5.

Each year, the event raises thousands of pounds for local and national Rotary charities and this year promises to be the same, with tickets selling well at a number of sales days in Hereford’s High Town and at city Co-op stores during the last month.

Tickets will be sale on the banks of the Wye on Sunday before the race, which is due to start at 3pm. There is a first prize of £1,000 in cash with a £250 travel voucher as second prize.

Ducks will enter the river from the Hunderton bridge with the finish at Hereford Rowing Club.

This year, extra measures will be in place to prevent ducks escaping down river, as happened at last year’s event, which was held in conjunction with Hereford River Carnival.

While all of the plastic toys were eventually ‘recaptured’, this took a great deal of effort from club members pursuing them a long way past the eventual finish both on the river and from the river banks.