A DECISION is set to be made for the proposed 275 home Hawk Rise estate in Ledbury.

Developer Barratt says it has been working hard to respond to concerns raised about noise and drainage.

Ledbury Town Council has already signalled it does not approve of plans for the estate, off Leadon Way, and Barratt stopped building work on the site last summer after Meadow Cheese won a judicial review, having raised concerns about the noise levels from its nearby factory.

Town councillors were worried about noise abatement problems, as well as drainage and have concerns over the “social mix” of the proposed housing.

But the final decision lies with Herefordshire Council, with the determination date set for Friday, May 3.

Barratt believes that a noise assessment plan, carried out by Wardell Armstrong, supports its position that planning permission should be re-established. The report says noise nuisance can be reduced by insulating the facades of any homes affected, and that “close board fencing” could further reduce noise nuisance on the site.

The report also states: “Adequate glazing is required for some properties.”

However, the report also found that “during the night-time, noise from the Ornua (Meadow Cheese) factory exceeds the background sound levels.”

The the report concludes: “The assessment has shown that extensive noise from the road and industry can be adequately mitigated at the site, so that the impact is not significantly adverse.

“Therefore, there are no technical reasons not to recommend the application for approval.”

Barratt says it has also addressed concerns that the new estate would restrict water drainage, affecting local wildlife, including newts, which are protected.

Mark Elliot, Barratt’s planning manager said: “Our engineers have produced a statement advising there is a very low risk of the site contributing to a significant reduced flow of water off the site, and therefore we are content that will not result in the loss or damage of any off-site newt breeding ponds.”

The estate would be served by the new Leadon Way roundabout.