THERE was plenty to cheer about at Microm Sprayers in Bromyard back in 1975.

For the company, with one of the smallest workforces in the county, had just won one of the country's top honours – The Queen's Award to Industry.

Micron Sprayers was formed by Austrian-born Edward Bals on the Three Mills Industrial Estate, close to the site of the former Bromyard Railway Station.

The company, which started in 1953, was the smallest to gain an award back in 1975 when it had 13 employees.

Speaking at the time, Mr Bals said: "We are an independent company and achieved this honour on our own – and at the same time we have done something for the developing countries."

Micron Sprayers gained the honour in recognition of their technical innovation in the field of ultra low-volume agricultural spraying units which rely on natural forces for their power of distribution.

The spray liquid is rotary atomised into extremely fine and even-sized droplets delivered at about two metres above the ground before being spread by the force of wind and gravity.

Many of the country's sprayers were exported to countries in Africa and Asia.