All Gloucestershire police officers and PCSOs will soon be equipped with personal body worn video cameras.

There has been a phased roll out of the REVEAL cameras over the past few weeks and by the end of April all frontline officers will be wearing them.

A force spokesman said: "The cameras are a valuable addition to officers’ kit and will help capture evidence, deter assaults on frontline staff, secure justice for victims and reduce malicious complaints. They will also add to officers’ safety, particularly when patrolling alone.

"Besides being a useful evidence gathering tool, the cameras can increase both officer and civilian accountability. Police actions will be more transparent which should increase public confidence. Traumatic events can often affect victims’ and witnesses’ memory and video recordings can assist with securing prosecutions and the ability to secure convictions."

The cameras are visible and will be worn on officers’ uniforms. They are not recording all the time and will be used in specific incidents when an officer believes it’s necessary to capture video evidence. In most circumstances, and when possible, the officer will advise a person when the camera is being switched on.