YEAR Four at Madley Primary School have been learning all about plastic pollution and the devastating effect it has had on our oceans this term.

The children had lots of questions and were shocked when they realised the danger plastic pollution poses to the animals that live in or near the ocean.

Understanding that the planet's plastic pollution is a result of human choices and actions, the children were keen to raise awareness of the problem and hope to make changes personally and to encourage others to do so too.

Teacher Mrs Lee set the children the challenge of using recycled plastic including carrier bags and crisp packets to make their own items of clothing for a fashion show.

The children also used recycled bottle tops to create a stunning piece of artwork bearing the message "keep our sea plastic free."

The eight foot by eight foot ocean scene picture was made using just some of the thousands of lids collected by the school since January.

Those left over will be sent to charities that can use them to generate funds for good causes.

"The children all came up trumps!" Mrs Lee said.

"The fashion show gave some amazing outcomes and really highlighted the problem to the rest of the school."