A DJ and breakdance teacher says he will bring more things for youngsters to do in Hereford if he gets elected to the city council.

Thirty-year-old Daniel Ovel, also known as Didge, is standing as a candidate for the Saxon Gate parish ward.

Didge runs a community interest company that does workshops and classes in urban arts such as parkour, rap and graffiti among other things.

He feels that if Hereford city council did more for young people it could help curb anti-social behaviour south of the river.

“It seems every time something gets put forward for young people it’s knocked back,” he said.

“Nothing seems to be happening which is a bit of a shame.

“I know from myself growing up in Hereford, kids get bored then they get themselves into trouble.”

He said people complain about anti-social behaviour, but no proposals are coming forward for young people to channel their energy into.

“The council does not connect with the issues on the ground when it comes to young people,” he said.

“I would put myself forward as the voice for that.”

Didge says he is also a champion for healthy lifestyles and would promote more outdoor activities for residents.

“I’d love to get an outdoor gym in Saxon Gate, I don’t see why the Southside can’t have one too,” he said.

“A lot of people our side of the river don’t have the money for a gym membership so it would be great to have something like that.”

He said Close House in St Peters Close does magnificent work with young people but the city could do with a youth centre which opens later in the day.

“Kids need somewhere to go in the evenings,” he said.

“I’d love to get a youth centre running in Saxon Hall Community Centre.

“It would be good to have them collaborate with the police and get them connected with youth workers as well.

“It could help take away the idea of ‘us against them’ and they could have someone to talk to if there is an issue.”

“These things we are lacking – we don’t have any of the facilities a proper city should have.”

He said a ‘fresh pair of ears’ on the council will help the situation for young people in the city.

“If you keep having the same people in nothing changes.”