WELSH Water say that their earlier report of a burst water main in Grandstand Road was incorrect.

Earlier today, Welsh Water said: "We're sorry for any residents living in Grandstand Road and the surrounding area of Hereford that are currently experiencing low pressure or no water.

"We have a burst pipe affecting your area, but our team are working hard to get this repaired and we hope to have your supplies restored by early this afternoon.

"The postcodes affected are: HR4 9TB, HR4 9NR, HR4 9LS, HR4 9EY and HR4 9PZ."

But a Welsh Water spokesman has now confirmed that the pressure loss was instead due to a planned, controlled shut off of the mains water and that supply should now be restored to homes and businesses in the area.

Teams from Welsh Water have been undertaking works to cut and cap a mains water pipe on the road, with traffic currently controlled by traffic lights.