DO you enjoy talking to people, face to face or on social media?

Are you interested in what's going on locally, in the place where you live and Herefordshire in general?

Do you write good, clear English and care about using correct spellings and grammar?

If so, an exciting new career could be within your grasp.

The Hereford Times is looking for a news reporter with a difference. We have an opportunity for someone who is not necessarily just starting out. They might already have been working in another job for some years, but have a yearning to do something else: something that makes a difference to their lives and the community in which they live.

We are not looking for academic qualifications, we are looking for character: someone with energy, enthusiasm, curiosity and a passion for finding things out and communicating with other people.

The job we have is part of a partnership between Facebook, local news publishers like us and the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ).

The job entails engaging with people in communities to curate, collate and create content relevant to them.

You will receive industry-leading digital journalism training which you will then share with your colleagues at the Hereford Times, as well as the gold-standard NCTJ journalism training to become a fully-trained journalist.

You will need to have at least five GCSEs with Maths and English at a C or above (or equivalent). Flexible arrangements will be considered for the right candidate.

There are more details on how to apply here: