MOTORISTS who flout road closures to use a busy short-cut to the south of Hereford could face a visit from the authorities.

The warning comes after road closure signs, directing traffic away from Haywood Lane, were moved.

The road is currently closed, except for access, while workmen install a new timber walkway to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians visiting Belmont Pools.

When finished, the 70 metre walkway will complete a 570 metre long pathway around the pools.

But the road closure has been hit with issues, with drivers ignoring the signs, moving the barriers or, in one case, moving the signs to cut through from the A465 to the A49.

Herefordshire Council said that on Saturday evening, the signs were placed across the A465 by unknown persons, creating a potential danger by sending traffic down the closed road.

The signs were returned to their correct positions by workmen in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Concerned resident Peter Ormsby said: "There are barriers in place while work is being carried out to provide a pedestrian pathway, but they are unguarded and drivers constantly remove them and expose the works being carried out by Balfour Beatty.

"Children have already been seen climbing on the construction and there is a two metre drop into the pool."

A Herefordshire Council spokesperson said: "The movement of signs and barriers on Haywood Lane continues to be a serious safety concern for Herefordshire Council and our partners, Balfour Beatty living Places.

"Last weekend road closed signs were moved onto the main A465 and barriers protecting works at the site have also been moved.

"In February we warned that motorists were moving barriers and driving through a road closure, an act that is both dangerous and unlawful.

"We have recently received reports of children playing on the part-constructed timber walkway, which adjoins Belmont Pools.

"Safety is our number one priority. Barriers with sand bags have been put in place along appropriate sections, together with high metal fencing around deep excavations that pose most risk.

"We are inspecting the condition of this site three times a day and we will continue to respond immediately out of hours if any safety concerns are raised by the police or local residents, as we did at the weekend.

"We would urge parents to warn children of the dangers of playing on a building site and ask anyone who knows who is moving signs or barriers to call us on 01432 261800 or the Police on 101."