A LORRY was “lucky” not to roll over after coming off the M5 and crashing into a field.

The Morgan McLernon lorry came off the M5 northbound between junctions 8 and 7 on Wednesday morning, with Highways England made aware at 6.23am.

A spokesman said no other vehicles were involved and there were no injuries, with the lorry set to be recovered later in the evening.

Coach driver Bill Mapp passed the lorry near Kerswell Green, Kempsey, and said a friend of his told him traffic had been slowed down by police earlier in the morning.

The lorry had come off the motorway before smashing through wooden fencing and ground to a halt in a field.

“I was on one of the side roads in Kerswell – as I looked across, I could see the lorry had come off the road,” said Mr Mapp, of Worcester, who had a coach full of school children.

“The kids thought it was hilarious. It’s obviously gone straight through the hedge. You can see the channel where it went. If it had been going any slower, the lorry would have rolled over. He was lucky it didn’t.”

He said he went back after work in his car and got some photos.

The Highways England spokesman said: “The lorry has completely left the carriageway. No other vehicles were involved and there were no injuries, and no lane closures because the lorry completely left the road.

“It hasn’t been recovered yet because it’s not interfering with traffic and it will require a lane closure so will be done later this evening.”

Morgan McLernon, based in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, delivers chilled and frozen foods to supermarkets.