AN INNOVATIVE campervan enthusiast is using his expertise to raise valuable funds for good causes.

Liam King from Kington originally wanted to set up a dog rescue shelter, but it soon became clear that the costs involved in embarking upon such a venture would be prohibitive.

So, he decided play to his strengths and combine his two loves, setting up a campervan building and hire company and donating 10 per cent of his profits to animal charities and dog shelters.

But as well as raising money to help animals, Liam is also hoping to raise some £35,000 to buy his best friend a high quality prosthetic leg after a horrific infection led to an amputation at the hip.

"Despite everything John has been through, he is always positive and trying to help others around him," Liam said.

"Recently the NHS fitted him with a prosthetic leg, but it's uncomfortable, doesn't work properly, and is causing him pain and stress.

"I would like to raise enough money to buy him a state-of-the-art prosthetic leg."

Using largely recycled materials, including old pallets which he strips down, sands and blowtorches to expose the beautiful patterns in the grain, Liam's unique and fabulously quirky creations are nothing if not eye-catching.

And they've caught the eye of some famous faces.

"I had George Clarke's Amazing Spaces contact me looking to do a test shoot on my last van, as it had a jacuzzi heated by a log burner and a cinema projector inside," he said.

"Our latest van literally has cars and vans stopping to take photos of it."

For more information, about Liam's company, visit