A STAFF tips jar and a charity box has been stolen from a Hereford café.

The money was taken from food writer and restaurateur Bill Sewell's Café @ All Saints on Hereford's High Street last week.

Raised through the sale of charity cookbook 'Displaced Dishes', 100 per cent of the money was destined for charity Samos Volunteers, which helps refugees from Syria and elsewhere on the island of Samos, Greece.

"Sales were wonderful from the start, with 12 books sold and £144 raised," Mr Sewell said.

"However we are really sad to report that a week ago, the box containing the money was stolen from the café, along with the staff tips jar."

"We want to be sure to give at least the £144 to the Samos Volunteers and so we'd be really grateful if you'd be able to make a donation.

"We're lucky to live in a safe country and this is a small opportunity to lend a hand to people whose experience has, for the most part, been very unsafe."

A Just Giving page has been set up here to try and recoup the loss through donations and the café will add 50 per cent to whatever sum is raised by the page by the end of April.

Displaced Dishes, filled with recipes contributed by the residents of a single refugee camp on Samos Island, is still available to purchase at the café or online here.

Created entirely by volunteers, who donated their time and skills to the effort, the book is being sold in a bid to help Samos Volunteers provide vital services for for camp residents.

The charity runs the island's only refugee community centre, offering free language classes, activities and essential services such as laundry.