HEREFORDSHIRE Board Gamers are delighted to announce their upcoming Mega Charity Board Game Day.

This is their fifth annual event and last year they raised £1750 over the year for Herefordshire Mind, which is Herefordshire Board Gamers chosen charity.

The event is open to all and there is £1000 worth of prizes to be won.

Attendees can enjoy playing life size games where they 'are' the playing piece.

Modern board games come in all shapes and sizes; whether it's a 10-minute game full of bluffing and laughter or a lengthy strategy game complete with lots of decisions.

Herefordshire Board Gamers pride themselves on welcoming all and providing a fun cheap, safe hobby in the community.

The game day will be held on Saturday, May 18 from 11am to 11pm at The Core, 32 Foley Trading Estate, HR1 2SF and all proceeds will go to Herefordshire Mind.