AS part of the Happy, Healthy, Successful programme of activities designed to ensure children are made aware of how to stay safe in a variety of aspects of life, Year 9 students at John Kyrle High School were recently treated to an interactive dramatic production at school.

Fourteen year old Sophie Stallard described the experience: "County Lines truly captures the issue of child exploitation and we can all agree that it helped us understand the dangers of being involved with drug trafficking. It made us all aware of how drug dealers can easily exploit people's vulnerabilities and manipulate you into doing what they want.

"County lines was about two vulnerable teenagers (Jess and Randal) enticed into drug trafficking by Dex - a manipulative, violent drug dealer. It clearly showed us each part of the grooming process in six clear states: identification, engagement, building relationships, building dependency, entrapment and checkmate. Therefore, if this would ever happen to one of us, we could easily spot it and tell someone we trust.

"I personally thought County Lines was informative, easy to follow and educational; I believe that it really engaged students of our age.

"We are very lucky that our school provides us with essential solutions to these problems and I hope other children at other schools get this opportunity as well - to learn that it is important to say 'no' if you disagree with something or you feel uncomfortable in a situation. But most importantly, to tell someone you trust."