THE search is on to find a “heroic” man who aided trapped commuters during rush hour on the M5 following a fatal car crash.

A video has been uploaded onto Facebook of a man returning to his vehicle following a series of brave acts following the crash at about 5.40am on Wednesday (April 3).

A Facebook member, named Mandr Painting, posted a status which said: “I would love this post to reach the man who was an absolute hero on the M5 this morning.

“After an awful crash, hundreds of us were stuck in the same spot in standstill traffic for four hours this morning.”

Mandr Painting said that two vans had broken down which caused further delays for commuters.

The man jumped out of his vehicle, leaving it safely with someone watching, and he pushed both vans from the road over to the hard shoulder safely.

Following this the witness said an ambulance with flashing blue lights and sounding its sirens was attempting to pass through the traffic, however, it got stuck between two lorries.

The man instructed every driver in their cars and directed them on where to move to. A pathway was cleared for the ambulance.

The Facebook post said: “He potentially stopped two more collisions and assisted an ambulance. This video was him exhausted and returning to his van.

“Without hesitation he took control of everything on that motorway. It was as if it was almost second nature to him.

“I want to get him recognised. Huge well done to this guy.

“And thank you from everyone on the M5 this morning, it did not go unnoticed. We need so many more people like you in the world.”

Commenting on the Facebook post, Sarah Pink said: “The world needs more heroes like this man.”

Tooky Green Hallak said: “Well done darling. It’s people like you that continue to make this country great. Feeling proud.”

Donette Croft said: “Bless him. There are still some good people in the world. A great big shout out to you.”

Vanessa Louise Salmon said: “Restores your faith in human nature.”

Police are appealing for anyone who saw the crash or has dashcam footage to get in touch. Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting incident 40S of April 3.


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