The Brother Brothers, identical twins Adam and David Moss, are carrying on the folk tradition for a new generation and will be bringing their tour to The Art Shop & Chapel in Abergavenny on Thursday, March 28.

Using minimal instrumentation, heartfelt lyricism, and harmonies so natural they seem to blend into one beautiful voice, the siblings draw on the energy and creativity of Brooklyn, New York for their full-length debut album, Some People I Know, out now on Compass Records. The album's first single, Frankie, has surpassed one million streams on Spotify.

The album’s title, Some People I Know, refers to the personal nature of these songs. As David explains, “I think every song on the album is about a person or a character, and in a way, it’s a reflection of ourselves.” For example, Mary Ann, written by David, is an encouraging ode to a friend with depression, while Banjo Song, written by Adam, conveys a conversation with someone who gives up playing an instrument after a hurtful breakup. Although young men, The Brother Brothers have been creating their folk sound for decades. "Most of our experience before we started performing as a duo was sitting around song circles with friends, playing and creating a very homey, small-room environment,” says Adam, “I feel like there’s definitely a living room vibe.”

See The Brother Brothers at The Art Shop and Chapel on Thursday, March 28 at 8pm. Tickets available from The Art Shop and The Chapel, or call 01873 736430 / 852690 or by email to