John Hymas (violin/viola/accordion) is composes and plays a variety of instruments and effortlessly merges one musical genre with another. He, along with his classical music group "Quartette Lunoire" will give a concert in St Mary's Parish Church in Dilwyn on Saturday, March 30 at 7.30pm.

Quartette Lunoire, essentially a classical ensemble comprising clarinet, violin, cello and double bass, use lighting and set design to create a magical atmosphere to accompany their music and create the effect of a moonlit woodland glade.

The programme consists of a piece written by Presteigne composer and violinist John Hymas, entitled 'Neck of the Woods' which draws inspiration from many musical genres including jazz and folk.

The second half will feature John's arrangement of excerpts from the popular Little Threepenny Music by Kurt Weill which has jazz and tango elements and a diverse selection of shorter pieces.

Tickets available on the door.