The children at Busy Bees in Ledbury have been learning about Superheroes, and they have encountered real life superheroes among members of the emergency services.

Busy Bees manager, Emma Davis said: “In recent weeks, the children have enjoyed a visit from the local Police Community Support Officers who brought along a police car to show the children. They had great fun pretending to drive, pressing the button to activate the lights and sirens and trying on the uniform.

“ A visit to the local fire station was also a big hit with children having a tour of the premises, sitting in an appliance, trying on uniform and having a go with the hoses. It was not only fun but informative too as children learnt about the different scenarios fire fighters can be involved in and the equipment used for those purposes.”

Emma added: “The focus on Superheroes will end with a visit from representatives from Ledbury and Malvern branch of the Guide Dog Association.

“Children will be learning that animals can be superheroes too!”