THREE local schools took the lead in bringing a female health and fitness message to county - Here Girls Can.

It was a localised form of the national This Girl Can campaign to get women and girls active, regardless of shape, size or ability.

Pupils from Fairfield High School, St Mary's RC High and Aylestone School led the way.

As PE and sport were revolutionised last week, students, parents and members of the public had the opportunity to take part in non-traditional sports including, Clubbercise, Body Combat, Zumba, Self-defence, Bounce and yoga.

Public health experts say fewer than one in five children or young people meet healthy activity levels. Only 41 % of girls aged 12-14 feel happy during exercise and 28% do not exercise outside their PE lessons. The 'Here Girls Can' campaign aims to challenge female perception of sport and physical activity, in-turn beginning to break down some of the barriers to physical activity and sport.

Outside schools, The Sports Partnership Herefordshire and Worcestershire ran a Peach Pass scheme, enabling women and girls to access a free sport or physical activity session in the local community, including yoga and climbing.

Josh Skinner, Project Manager, said, "We know that girls in particular experience a fear of being judged; whether that's because they feel they're not good enough or don't have the right kit to wear; or it could be that they don't wish to get sweaty in front of others or be laughed at.'

'We want to break down these barriers.'

'The Here Girls Can campaign directly tackles the fear of judgement that, according to research, stops so many women and girls from taking part in physical activity.

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