A lucky Herefordshire punter turned £2 into £180,000 by picking a string of seven winners in a row at the Cheltenham Racing Festival.

The anonymous punter on his annual coach trip scooped £182,567.80 after putting a £2 bet on the opening day of the four-day event.

He hit the jackpot in the on-course toteplacepot after selecting just one horse in each race with the help of a friend.

"I looked at the horses before racing and whatever took my fancy I put in my Placepot. My friend, who knows a bit about racing, advised me. We've been coming for years and the occasion is fantastic. We've been doing it this way for years and nothing's changed.

"We just do a Placepot and our individual bets and then enjoy the racing. The Tote staff are really good and friendly and welcoming and everyone has been great.

"The lady behind the counter... her face just dropped. I asked her how much and she very discreetly showed us. We still didn't really believe it."

"My daughter is soon to go to university, so that will help, and my son is going on holiday so I think I will be upgrading him to first class."