HOME for Snoop, an abandoned Staffordshire bull terrier, might have been amid the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles.

Instead the pooch with star appeal has settled for for life in rural Herefordshire.

Rap star Snoop Dogg was among hundreds who offered to take in two-year-old Snoop, who was filmed being left at the roadside by his owner before Christmas.

Millions watched the heartbreaking moment when he tried to chase after the car in Stoke-on-Trent.

Vets treated the forlorn animal and named him ‘Snoop’ before he was taken in by the RSPCA.

Hopes for a loving new home threw up offers from far and wide on either side of the Atlantic. The “smiley Staffie” has not looked back since he was rescued, and is now happy to chill out in comfort on his owner’s sofa.

Photographer Laurence Squire, a Staffie fan, had lost his own dog last November.

When he met Snoop he knew his search for a new pet was over. “I’d seen two other dogs but Snoop won me round with his character, he loves people, children and other dogs, he’s as soft as butter,” he said.

Laurence, from Woolhope, felt it was “bizarre” that the lovable Snoop had three previous owners in the Birmingham area.

Among the hundreds who offered him a home after he was seen being left with his bed, Snoop Dog told journalists that it was a “heartbreaking” situation for the young dog and said there was always room for him at the ‘Casa de Snoop’ in Los Angeles.

“I should imagine it was something to do with his namesake,” said Laurence. “Snoop has been living at my house for two weeks and is settling in well.”

He joked: “I think he may have had a lucky escape – there could have been a lot of loud music and lots of bling to wear!”

In Herefordshire Snoop has a basket by the fire but his favourite spot is on the sofa.

“He likes to make a nest down in the cushions!”