HEREFORDSHIRE’S Two Farmers, Sean Mason and Mark Green gave Prince Charles a flavour of their new crisp business during his visit to part of the Duchy of Cornwall estate in the county.

The Prince of Wales dropped by at Ditton Farm at St Owens Cross, a previous Duchy tenant, where Mark Green and Sean Mason run their new sustainable enterprise, Two Farmers crisps.

They were able to demonstrate how an anaerobic digestion plant turns farm waste into renewable energy which in turn powers production of the venture.

The royal visitor, who famously champions environmental issues and sustainability, discovered how the two farmers have developed innovative compostable crisp packets which break down in just 26 weeks to return to the earth.

The Prince also visited the farm’s potato grading plant and close by production facility, demonstrating Two Farmers’ commitment to low food miles.

They later reported that it had been “an enormous privilege” to host the future monarch who is known to be “passionate about sustainability and British farming”.

Said Sean: “Our small but growing team has worked hard over a number of years to bring this project to fruition.” Mark added: “It was a great honour for us to showcase the innovative work we are doing to offer consumers a plastic-free, waste-free option to the great British crisp!”

The whole story began when the two men met one night for a pint of local beer and a packet of crisps.

Mark, a second-generation farmer had hopes of making crisps from his own potatoes, while fellow farmer Sean, whose day job as a potato merchant inspired him to protect the countryside around him, sparked his plans to develop the first UK crisp brand to launch a 100 per cent compostable packet.

The Prince was clearly impressed by the Two Farmers’ set up. But on the question of whether he sampled a packet of crisps, the business has remained tight-lipped.