A Herefordshire firm is helping small charities raise more money.

The Raisemore company at Ross-on-Wye has just completed a survey which highlights how smaller charities are missing out on a major source of income.

The report is based on research into the fundraising experiences and challenges faced by small charities today.

It reveals that only a quarter of the charities who took part have a strategy in place for collecting donations from individuals.

Individual giving refers to money collected from individual donors in the form of cash donations of smaller amounts; regular donations by direct debit or other recurring methods; major gifts from wealthy benefactors and legacy gifts left in somebody’s will.

Large charities are tapping into this income - it is the backbone of most of the top 100 charities. But it appears that smaller charities are missing out, as it hardly features at all in their fundraising efforts.

“Smaller charities are struggling to keep or recruit staff and volunteers and this is a real problem when they are trying to develop or implement an individual giving strategy” said Maggie Davies, Digital Marketing Manager and author of the report.

To read the full report visit https://raisemore.co.uk/2019/02/.