A PET cat has been found safe and well 30 miles from home.

Rio jumped into a car in Whitecross, Hereford, and was driven to Knighton.

The motorist had no idea the four-year-old pet was inside the vehicle until Rio leapt out the door when the journey ended in the Welsh border town.

Rio was too quick for the car driver and fled into fields – where he stayed for more than a week.

Amy Bedford, Rio's owner, drew up posters and one of them bore fruit.

Someone living close to Knighton saw a cat and stopped their cigarette break to dash inside and fetch the appeal notice.

The cat she had seen was exactly like the one in the poster and, after patiently using food to get Rio closer, managed to get the cat indoors.

Rio is now back home in Hereford and, although a bit skinnier than before his trip to Wales, is in good health.