IN some ways it has hardly changed at all, in others it is completely different.

These evocative pictures from the collection of local history buff Frank Kenward are of Ledbury's most-photographed street, Church Lane.

The distinct pub sign and and timbered buildings have hardly changed over the decades, nor have the bollards that first barred the way of carts and then motorcars.

But the passage of time is clearly marked by the occasional figures that appear in the photographs.

In one a gentleman in a hat and lady dressed from head to foot in dark clothes hint at the period the picture was taken: 1902.

In another the small figure of a child appears alone in a world of sepia tones. But perhaps there is someone, just obscured by the bollard, who is talking to him.

"Look around you, boy," the figure might have said. "One day all this will be gone."

How wrong they would have been.