A DESIGNER is calling on Hereford residents to help her complete a Lego model of one of Hereford's most iconic buildings.

Shona Ashton is creating a model of The Black and White House Museum, also known as the Old House, as part of Hereford's upcoming Lego Brick History Exhibition

The museum, located on Commercial Street, dates back to 1621 when it originally served as a showpiece residence and butcher’s shop, before becoming a saddlers, fish and hardware shop.

It also served as a bank from 1882 to 1927, before being transformed into a museum.

Shona has managed to complete most of the model but now requires some additional pieces before the replica can go on display.

The 21-year-old said: "I’m really close to finishing it, but I now need specific types of bricks and pieces, and I’m hoping people will have them at homes and can donate them.

"This has been a fantastic project to work on, so I’m very excited about completing it. I started the entire process by first walking around the museum and taking lots of photos, which I then used to create a digital plan of the entire building on a computer aided design software. I’ve been using this plan as the guide to building the model.”

Shona is a designer with Hereford's new university, NMiTE.

The organisation is working in partnership with Herefordshire council to create models for LEGO Brick History Exhibition.

Taking place at Hereford Museum and Art Gallery from 16th March to 18th May, the exhibition will feature a wide variety of models, from DNA and the Big Bang to Mozart, Martin Luther King and mobile phones.

Images of exactly what types of pieces Shona requires can be found via her Twitter account @shonaashtona