YEAR 11 students at John Kyrle High School recently took on the role of wellbeing advisors to their younger counterparts in Year 7.

Following an assembly from head of year, Matt Penny, students were encouraged to produce posters which consider what they can do to maintain their positive healthy lifestyle in order to sustain their mental wellbeing over the coming months of GCSEs.

The Year 11 students then presented these posters to younger students during tutor time.

The brief also included the question: 'What advice would you offer students four years younger than you to give them the best chance of being happy healthy and successful? What worked well for you? What would you do differently?'

Feedback from the younger students was extremely positive.

One student said, "The tips are really useful and getting them from other students at the school somehow makes them more real".

An older student added, "The whole process has helped bring practical suggestions about keeping a positive attitude, to the front of our minds."

"It is most gratifying to see our Year 11 students use their experiences to help impact upon the wellbeing of younger students" added Matt Penny.