ONE of Tupsley's longest established childcare settings, St Paul's Childcare, are delighted to announce that the outcome of their recent Ofsted inspection was 'outstanding'.

They were welcomed back this term to notification that an inspector would be visiting on the second day back.

The 10 hour inspection went smoothly and the inspector congratulated them with the good news.

The inspector recognised the setting for the qualities that St Paul's Childcare has been known for since opening in 1966.

The well qualified and experienced staff were noted as having "high morale and totally supported in their professional development."

They were seen as "excellent role models" who "know the children extremely well" which therefore reflects in "the children's behaviour being exemplary."

St Paul's Childcare is known for it's inclusive approach with children who have Special Educational Needs and it was noted that staff supporting children, "go above and beyond to coordinate and work with parents."

The manager would like to give thanks to the parents and community for their support in expressing "extremely positive comments about the nursery and their fondness of staff and management".

All parents advised "their children are extremely settled, safe and happy."

Staff agree this is a wonderful way to start the new year and we have enjoyed celebrating the excellent news together.