SMALL is beautiful, as eagle-eyed shoppers and passers-by will note from creations crafted by Hereford’s very own ‘Banksy’.

Tiny art installations have steadily been appearing in a variety of city centre locations, the mysterious mini-works proving a runaway success as a recent on-line video has shown.

The Hereford Times has tracked down the enigmatic artist, known only as Tiny Trekker, who wants to bring a moment of happiness to all those who espy the centimetre-high scenes.

Like street graffiti artist Banksy, that world-famous character whose identity remains shrouded in mystery, the elusive Tiny Trekker hopes to give enrichment to the day through her diminutive examples of art.

“Rather than actually going to an art gallery, people can see these little art installations all around the city,” says Hereford’s own Banksy.

Tiny Trekker, already a highly rated artist – she was recently voted one of 50 landscape artists of the year - has already brought delight to many in Hereford. Romantics will not easily forget her Valentine’s Day special – love beneath a miniscule tree complete with tiny wine bottle and two glasses, and careful studies will reveal more from Ms Trekker around the city.

Those in thrall at her work may recall another tantalising offering from the artist. Mysterious stones began appearing in the area with an invitation to put them in the finder’s place of choice, an exercise that sparked considerable interest.

However, her latest creations are surely heading for stardom – and people are already asking to buy her work.

“I’ve had some really nice comments,” she explains. “I will have a website but for now I shall be selling on ebay.”

Tiny Trekker added: “People go from A to B, checking their phones, in a rush, and don’t look at their environment.

"But nature is important and hopefully this will make them notice their surrounds.”

Ten creations can already be spotted in and around the city with the promise of a further 10 by next week.

Watch this space!