A HEREFORD man who stalked a woman was last week jailed for five months.

Gareth Herbert, 48, of Hazel Grove, Redhill, pleaded guilty to stalking between September 26, 2017 and April 22 of last year.

Herbert had denied a more serious charge of stalking with the fear of violence, and his jury trial was about to commence in January when the prosecution agreed to accept his guilty plea to a less serious variation of the offence.

Prosecutor Simon Goodman told Gloucester Crown Court that Herbert sent the victim a Valentine's Day Card with the message: “Roses are Red – Violets are Blue. Don't worry, I will always find you.”

Mr Goodman said the card was not in Herbert's handwriting, but his DNA was found behind the stamp.

Defence lawyer, Mark Sharman, representing Herbert said: “I do not seek to excuse his behaviour and neither does he.

“He acted entirely inappropriately whilst undergoing emotional turmoil.”

Judge Ian Lawrie QC retorted: “Go and talk to a therapist! He does not need to go stalking.”

Imposing an immediate five month jail term the judge described Herbert's offending as 'persistent and had no regard to the victim'.

Alongside the jail term, the judge imposed an indefinite restraining order.